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Tomasz Wardynski, CBE, is a Polish adwokat and founding partner of Wardynski & Partners.

Tomasz Wardynski is a specialist in international project financing, privatisation and restructuring of state-owned enterprises. He is a member of the Polish Bar Association and a former chairman of its Foreign Committee (1988-92). In 1991-96 he was a member of the Advisory Council on Privatisation to the Prime Minister of Poland. He is a former member of the Supervisory Board of the Polish Development Bank. Since 1986 Tomasz Wardynski has been an honorary legal adviser to her Britannic Majesty's Ambassador in Poland.

Tomasz Wardynski is a graduate of the Law Faculty at Warsaw University (1970), the College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium (1973) and the Institute of European Studies and Law Faculty, University of Strasbourg, France (1974-75). He is a visiting scholar at the American Bar Foundation as well as an Honorary Commander of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Tomasz Wardynski is a member of the Polish Business Council, a member of the Polish-British Legal Association, a member of the International Bar Association, a member of the European Circuit of England and Wales, a member of the Garrick Club.

Languages: English, Russian, French
Office: Warsaw
E-mail: tomasz.wardynski@wardynski.com.pl
Tel. (+ 48) 22 437 82 00, 22 537 82 00

Source: http://www.wardynski.com.pl/

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