Belgium is a center of child trafficking

Moldavian childs for 1000 euros the night - Belgian anti-childporn-activist Marcel Vervloesem victim of a systematic persecution

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Date: 6 okt. 2008
Subject: Belgium is a center of european child trafficking: CIPAL

Belgium is a center of european child trafficking !
Moldavian child for 1000 euros the night, ordered from a governmental organization.

Patrick Dewael, present Minister of home affairs, alerted his direct collaborator that "an investigation was in hand against him about human trade", long before the arrival of police force.
The collaborator of the minister and his partners in crime where discharged, officially because Judge Myriam Vrints took three weeks before she included the incriminating evidences in the file. "This incompleteness violates rights of the defence", according to the court of Turnhout, who had rejected the Vervloesem file's "incompleteness", to which the same Judge Vrints had not managed to include 37 parts of the defence in 8 years.

The CIPAL, acronym of "Centre Informatique Provinces of Antwerp and Limburg" is a government organization in charge of the public services via the Internet. Its main office is situated in Geel, a Flemish city of 35.000 inhabitants, from where Pasteur Stamford directed the Spartacus branch of the paedocriminal ring that has been shown by Marcel Vervloesem of the Morkhoven Group (network Zandvoort) in 1998.

Kamiel Charlier, 50 years and purchasing manager of the CIPAL, had concluded with Vladimir Saca, a Moldavian procurer, the delivery of prostitutes in Belgium for two to three thousand euro each. Filip De Graeve, (33) direct collaborator of the minister and director of "E-government" introduced him to Marc Vandervelden (46), a procurer liable to prostitute them.

The purchasing manager had ordered three "prostitute" to be and paid a deposit. The transaction was supposed to provide him 1.500 euros net of tax per month.
The collaborator of the minister would have gained only free prostitutes, as if he were too ugly to find a girlfriend.
But the project crumbled when Walter Hartmann, another CIPAL employee, discovered various emails from Russia and Romania to the purchasing manager, as well as an email addressed to Vladimir Saca:
"One of my friends asks me something special: he wants to come to Chisinau in Moldavia. He asks whether you can do something for a very young. I know that it is morbid, but he wants to pay lot of money. He asks between 8 and 12 years and is ready to pay one thousand euros per night. Can you take care of this?

On March 8, 2003, the court of Turnhout received these emails, which were sent to them by Walter Hartmann. The case was instructed by Myriam Vrints. Her inquiry had dysfunctions for already five years in the cabal aiming at discrediting the Zandvoort case that Marcel Vervloesem had brought to justice.

Christine Dekkers, public prosecutor of Antwerp, directly informed the Minister of the risks which weighed on his collaborator. She also had dysfunctions in the Zandvoort case, since she had received seven CDs of rapes, murder and tortures on children, which will be stolen from her law court!

On March 13, at 23:30 hours, Ludo Helsen, provincial deputy, former president of the CIPAL, telephoned Arthur Philips, the managing director, to warn him of the situation. The managing director convened the purchasing manager, who pled it was an "illegitimate gossip". As his test contract was over, CIPAL gave him the very same day, a longterm work contract, and then purified the mail server of its data.

On March 24, Jan Kerremans, principal private secretary of the Minister Dewael, contacted Eric Stroobants, the Flemish administration's boss, and boss of the minister's collaborator. Healso telephoned with the public prosecutor of Antwerp.
According to prosecutor Marianne Cappelle, who also had dysfunctions in the Vervloesem file, the investigation was started only by the telephone call to the police on March 27, from Hans Schoofs, a politician who had received the information in an anonymous letter.
The searching took place urgently the very same day, after the CIPAL was informed of the police force arrival, according to the chief of the Central Office for the Repression of Corruption.

The sales manager will be laid off on March 31 and the collaborator of the minister in July. But the man who had denounced the network was also laid-off in October, in despite the King's congratulations for his act good citizenship!

The CIPAL claimed charges, since its employees ordered women and children from its computers, during their work hours, at the cost of the Belgian citizen's. The evidence was so crushing that the purchasing manager had no other choice than to confess.

The press kept under silence this case, which was likely to be much more embarrassing for the "E-government", if Marcel Vervloesem inquired in Geel, which is located 18 kilometres away from his place.
The secrecy was so well kept, that nobody knew anything of it, if not just a vague rumour about women, but not a word of the child for 1000 euros the night.

The instruction of Judge Vrints will carry out the court of Turnhout to retain the most absurd calumnies against Marcel Vervloesem, at the moment when the collaborator of the minister lost his employment.
The man who had been officially thanked by the president for the Council of Europe, to have allowed carrying the light on the "odious" traffic of sexual exploitation children, was calumniated by a band of good-for-nothing.
Among them, of the one of his half brothers who is the shame of the family, object of 37 official reports blaming him for sexual abuses of minors.
Though he is illiterate, the shame of the family will be elected by the communal council, to be member of the social services direction, of the social housing company direction, of the police force council, town representative to inter-commune Water Company... and to CIPAL!
So many jobs which do not request to know how to write, but to know the names of those who support his half brother. A Gestapo social workers and police officers can then badger and threaten, i.e.: to expel them from their social lodging.

The collaborator of the minister will say that "well before the control at the CIPAL, he had been informed by his boss, the minister president Dewael that an investigation was in hand against him about human trade." But the minister did not explain why he warned his collaborator, before the police force could look for other incriminating evidences.

On September 27, 2007, the court will retain the "incompleteness" of Judge Vrints, who actually would consist in having taken three weeks to open the file of human trade from the Belgian "E-government" with Russia, Romania and Moldavia. It will also blame honesty in obtaining the only evidence which remained. The emails would have been stolen, not to the party claiming charges that paid for the ink and paper, tot he author of the orders of women and children. The accused inconsents were discharged.

The insurance company Mercator appealed. It reproaches to the purchasing manager of having made possible to an Italian friend to steal his Mercedes, so as to obtain fraudulently a compensation of 30.000 euros. The Court of Turnhout hypocritically followed the example, then the parties claiming charges.

Can Minister Dewael explain why he refused to meet the president and the vice-president of Werkgroep Morkhoven, to explain his position on the 100.000 photographs of crime of the Zandvoort network?

It now appears that the French cases were judged in absence of 88.539 incriminating evidences. The President of the Court of Cassation of Paris has sent this July 23, 2008; an answer concerning this problem, but his mail has still not arrived on August 12.

Could the minister order an investigation to know weather the political officials solicited to clarify these cases would have sent answers which would never have arrived to their recipients or if they are all very rude individuals? Could he investigate to discover who has retained these 88.539 incriminating evidences from the French investigation and what are the results of the Belgian investigation on the French magistrate photographed trousers down, with an 11 year old boy?

Jan Boeykens
President of the Morkhoven Group

Werkgroep Morkhoven vzw-asbl
Faiderstraat 10
1060 Sint-Gillis
nr. 443.439.55
Tel: 0032 2 537 49 97

Photo: September 9th, 2008 - Action of the Workgroup Morkhoven in front of the door of the prison at Turnhout where Morkhoven-activist Marcel Vervloesem was locked up after the false accusations of some criminals who were paid for it.