Borislav Boyanov & Co.


Since its establishment in 1990 Borislav Boyanov & Co. has earned worldwide recognition as a stepping stone for many international businesses in Bulgaria and in recent years - in the region. The firm has developed a modern, dynamic and business oriented practice, dominating the market by providing the highest quality and effective legal services.

With more than 30 lawyers working in offices in five major Bulgarian cities and a representative office in the heart of Europe - Brussels, in close association with the best law firms of the world and as a founding member of South East Europe Legal Group (SEE Legal) and Central and Eastern Europe Law Offices (CELO), Borislav Boyanov & Co. is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative and comprehensive solutions to the needs of international and local clients.

The firm's clients list includes hundreds of the largest multinationals and industry leaders in the world - names famous in banking, financing, insurance, brewing, food, tourism, transport, property, construction, oil and gas, mining, energy, media and communications.

Borislav Boyanov & Co. has advised on the successful privatisation of four banks in Bulgaria, among which also the biggest Bulgarian bank - Bulbank; on the privatisaton of the largest working copper and gold mine in Europe; on the obtainment of the first private national coverage television license; on the privatisation of the incumbent telephone operator - the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC), as well as on many other very significant foreign investment projects. Throughout the years the firm has advised more than 7,000 foreign and multinational companies.


Foreign and Multinational Companies

adidas - Salomon AG;
Air BP Limited;
Allianz AG
Allied Domecq;
Amadeus GTD;
Amazon.com, Inc.;
American International Group;
American Standard Inc.;
Ansett Worldwide Aviation;
AO Avtovaz;
Aventis CropScience GmbH;
Banco di Napoli;
Bank of America;
Bechtel International, Inc.;
Bell Helicopter Textron;
Bestfoods Europe;
Boyar Estates S.A.
BP Oil International Ltd.;
Carl Zeiss Hungaria Kft;
CISCO Systems;
CGNU plc.
Cogent IPC AB;
Credemlux International SA
Credit Agricole Indosuez;
Credit Suisse First Boston;
Crown Agents;
Daewoo Corporation;
DB Systems GmbH;
Deutsche Bank AG;
Diageo / UDV;
DRS Ahead Technology;
DSD Dillinger Stahlbau GmbH;
Edwards Logistics;
EETEK Hungary;
EFG Eurobank SA;
Electricite de France;
ENEL Produzione SpA;
Export Credit Bank of Turkey;
Fortis Bank NV;
General Electric;
Goldman Sachs & Co.;
GTS Central Europe Holding;
Graffiti BBDO;
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen;
HeidelbergCement AG;
Homestake Mining Company;
HSBC Bank International Limited;
Hungarian Export Credit Insurance Company Ltd. (MEHIB);
Interbrew S.A./N.V.;
International Financial Corporation (IFC);
iRegent Group Limited;
Johnson & Johnson;
JP Morgan;
Kintec SA;
Kraft Foods International, Inc.
Leo Burnett Worldwide;
Maersk Sealand;
Marubeni Deutschland;
Maxus Energy Corp.;
McDonald's Corporation;
Merrill Lynch;
Monsanto Europe S.A.;
Morgan Stanley;
Motorola Inc.;
Mott MacDonald;
Munich Reinsurance Company;
Nalco Chemicals;
Navan Mining plc;
News Corporation Limited;
Nichimen Corporation;
Norsk Hydro;
Nortel Networks plc;
Norpharma SpA;
Ogilvy & Mather GmbH;
Philip Morris;
Procter & Gamble;
RTZ Corporation plc.;
Salomon Smith Barney;
San Paolo IMI;
SBC Warburg Dillon Read;
Seaboard Corporation;
Societa Italiana Acetilene & Derivati S.p.A.;
Sumitomo bank;
The Coca-Cola Company;
TNT Express Worldwide;
Total Fina Elf;
UniCredito Italiano SpA;
Union Bank of Switzerland;
Uniroyal Chemical;
Vinmar International. Ltd.;
Videoton Holding RT
West Merchant Bank Ltd.;
Westinghouse Electric SA;
William Grant & Sons Ltd.;

Bulgarian Companies

ABB Control EOOD;
Access Bulgaria EAD;
AIG Bulgaria Insurance and Reinsurance Company EAD;
AIG Life Bulgaria Zivotozastrahovatelno Druzestvo EAD;
Allied Domecq Agencies Bulgaria EOOD;
Amadeus Bulgaria OOD;
Amstan Hotels AD;
Amstan Trane Bulgaria AD;
Aquarex B AD;
Balkan Mineral and Mining AD;
Balkan News Corporation EAD;
Bimak AD;
BNP Paribas;
Bulbank AD;
Bulgarian Post Bank AD;
Bulgarian Retail Services AD;
Cisco Systems Bulgaria EOOD;
Coca Cola Bulgaria EOOD;
Daru Invest AD;
Demirbank Bulgaria AD;
Eurofrio OOD;
European Hotel Enterprises AD;
Eventing OOD;
Granitoid AD;
Ideal Standard Bulgaria AD;
International Lodging of Bulgaria AD;
Kamenitza AD;
Kappa Technology AD;
Kraft Foods Bulgaria AD
Maersk Bulgaria Limited EOOD;
McDonald's (Bulgaria) EOOD;
Motorola Bulgaria EAD;
Mott MacDonald (Bulgaria) EOOD
Navan - Chelopech AD;
Nortel Networks (Bulgaria) EOOD;
Otis Lift EOOD;
Philip Morris Services Bulgaria EOOD;
Podem AD;
Regent European Property Bulgaria EOOD;
Samba Cafe OOD
Security Management Technologies Bulgaria EOOD;
Sony Bulgaria EOOD;
Summit Inc. AD;
TBG DID Plovdiv OOD;
TBG RDP - Sofia OOD;
TNT Express Worldwide (Bulgaria) EOOD;
Umicore Med AD;
Vidima AD;
Vinprom Rousse AD;
Zlatna Panega AD

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Borislav Boyanov & Co.

Foreign and Multinational Companies: Motorola Inc.........
Bulgarian Companies: Motorola Bulgaria EAD.........

Gepost door: Morkhoven | 17-12-10

Motorola has the exclusive contract to provide the Israeli military with encrypted mobile phone technology. This means that every Israeli boarder guard manning a checkpoint inside of Palestinian territory and every Israeli soldier committing war crimes in the assault on the Gaza Strip takes their orders through a Motorola device.

Motorola "virtual fences" and surveillance systems are used at dozens of illegal Israeli settlements built on Palestinian land. These Jewish-only settlements are a potent symbol Israeli apartheid and are illegal under several international laws, including the 4th Geneva Convention. Settlements use high-tech Motorola equipment to ghettoize Palestinian communities as confiscate their land.

Motorola also has close ties with Aeronautics Defense Systems (ADS), which makes drone aircraft that the Israeli military used during Operation Cast Lead (the most recent assault on the Gaza Strip). Last April Motorola sold their bomb fuze division to ADS, just after Human Rights Watch reported finding debris from Motorola bomb components in the rubble of civilian buildings in the Gaza Strip.

Gepost door: Morkhoven | 17-12-10

מוטורולה ישראל
Motorola Israel

Motorola Israel is a full subsidiary of the giant electronics and telecommunication corporation Motorola Inc.

In 2005, the company has won a tender of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, to provide virtual fences to Israeli settlements which refused to fence themselves. According to news reports, a Motorola radar detectors' system has been installed in some 20-47 Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, including in Hebron, Karmei Tzur and Bracha. In some cases, the radar stations were erected on private Palestinian land, preventing Palestinian movement near the Israeli settlements.

The system's name is MotoEagle Surveillance, it includes radars and cameras to detect human movement outside the settlements, and it is based on radars provided by the US- Canadian ICx Radar Systems.

According to recent reports, the system is currently installed in about 25 settlements, including Thko'a, Nokdim, Otniel, Beit Hagai, Eli, Rehelim, Tapu'ach, Mechora, Elon More, Talmon.

The system is also used in the Separation Wall complex, in the wall around Gaza, and in military bases. The company provides continuous service to these systems and continues to offer them for use in Israeli installations in the occupied territories.

The company has developed and provided the "Mountain Rose" communication system for the Israeli army, which is a specifically designed mobile system for field conditions, and it is being used by soldiers in the occupied West Bank.

The Government Electronics Department (GED) of the company, which was responsible for military technologies in Motorola Israel and produced electronic bomb fuses for the Israeli Army, was sold to Aeronautics Defense Systems in April 2009.

Gepost door: Morkhoven | 17-12-10

Motorola Israel:

3 Kremenitzki St.
Tel Aviv 67899
POB 25016
Tel Aviv 61250
Tel: 972-3-5658888
Industry: Military, security and surveillance training and services
Annual Revenues: $1B-

Gepost door: Morkhoven | 17-12-10

This is a great achievement by Borislav Boyanov & Co. they have grown to rapid heights in just 21 years.

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