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Borislav T Boyanov
Borislav Boyanov & Co

82, Patriarch Evtimii Blvd
Sofia 1463
Tel: (359) 2 981 3007; 981 3103
Fax: (359) 2 981 7733
Email: b.boyanov@boyanov.com
Website: http://www.boyanov.com/

Borislav T Boyanov founded Borislav Boyanov & Co in 1990 and is its managing partner.
His practise includes foreign investment, M&A, banking law, corporate and commercial law, mediation, public affairs, energy law, and legislation.

Mr Boyanov's career includes lecturing on civil law at Sofia Economic University (1986-1987), acting as honorary consul for Malta in Bulgaria (2000) and as an honorary advisor to the Minister of Justice on International Legal Relations (2002 – 2005).

Mr Boyanov has been chairman of the board of directors of AIG Insurance and Reinsurance Company since 1994.

He is a registered patent and trademark attorney (1998) and European patent and trademark attorney (2002). He is an arbitrator with the Court of Arbitration of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mr Boyanov was the first chairperson of SEE Legal (The South East Europe Legal Group) (2003 – 2005) and remains an Honorary Chairperson.

Mr Boyanov holds a Master of Law degree from the Legal Faculty of Sofia University St Kl Ochridsky (first of class of 500, 1978 – 1982) and also studied at the Academy of American and International Law, Southwestern Legal Foundation – Dallas, US in 1990. He was admitted to practise in Bulgaria in 1984.

Mr Boyanov is a member of the Sofia Bar Association and acted as deputy chairman of its Specialized Bureau of Business Law from 1988 to 1990. He has been a member of the Bulgarian Bar Association since 1984.

He is also a member of the International Bar Association (senior vice-chair of the European Forum (1994 to 2004), co-chair of the European Forum since 2004, and country representative); the Brussels Dutch Bar (registered on the list of foreign lawyers); the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria (president, and member of the board of directors); the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (board member since 2004, vice president since 2005); Center for American and International Law, Dallas (member of the advisory board of the Institute for International and Comparative Law); British Balkan Legal Foundation (co-founder and director); Balkan Legal Forum (chairman); British Bulgarian Legal Association (honorary member); Center for International Legal Studies – Austria (honorary member); OASIS Legal Association (representative for Bulgaria); TerraLex (representative for Bulgaria); World Services Group (representative for Bulgaria); Legal Development Foundation (chairman); and the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum.

Mr Boyanov's published work covers international mergers, litigation in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian insurance market, and privatization in Bulgaria. He has written the chapters on Bulgaria in Insurance Regulation in Europe, International Joint Ventures, Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Europe and Commercial Agencies and Distributorships: An International Guide. He also contributes to publications on aircraft finance, business organizations, foreign investments in Bulgaria, equipment leasing, environmental protection, law firm management, the development and future of the legal profession, and others.

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